What To Bring To Campfire

Blue Ridge Assembly’s housing includes hotel-style rooms, each with 2 double beds and a bathroom. Bedding and towels are included. Bring general necessities like clothing appropriate for the weather (conference attire is casual — most people wear jeans and T-shirts) and toiletries (there are a few small stores in Black Mountain – a 10-minute drive “down the mountain” – where you can buy whatever you forget to bring, and Asheville’s about 30 minutes away).

Other suggested items:

– A skit or song to share at the “Campfire” talent show. Best performance gets an award!

– Your rag if you participate in the Raggers program

– Business cards for networking

– Items to sell in the auction (fundraiser for Campfire scholarships)

– Money to buy items from the auction!

– Leftover T-shirts from your camp for the ever-popular “T-shirt swap”

– Brochures from your camp program(s)

– The best idea for camping you can come up with! (You will have the opportunity to enter it into our annual “Brightest Idea” competition.)